All I Want for Christmas is Some Self-Control

Is it me or is there seriously no time from now until January 1st? Between seeing family, parties, birthdays and the actual holidays, this girl is packing one full calendar. Recently, I’ve been talking about staying organized and allowing myself to enjoy the holidays, and so far it’s working. However, one thing that is a constant battle is my urge to spend more money than I budgeted. Mostly, I’ll admit, on myself. Buying an adorable scarf for my mom? Psh, let’s add one into the cart for me. You know, that kind of thing. It’s OK. I’ll give you one “omg that’s sooooooooo selfish”. Go on. I’ll wait here.

But this year is different. Well, it’s different because although the urge rears it’s ugly head almost daily (BOGO 50%, anyone?) I have successfully stuck to my list and my budget. Every time I have the urge to by extra stuff I don’t need, I think about how good freaking awesome I am going to feel in January when I don’t have to deal with any Christmas credit card statements. I take a few deep breaths, and drag that extra serving platter out of my cart.

There are a few other things I do when I feel like shopping but the budget doesn’t allow it:

  1. Shop my closet – I’ll find a few outfits on Pinterest or Polyvore that I really like, and try to put them together using items I already own. And it’s so funny because I’m usually able to, but never would have thought about putting things together that way!
    Result: 2-3 “new” ensembles. Cost: 0 dollars.
  2. Rearrange furniture – Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective on a space to make you realize nothing was actually missing. This is something I got from my mom, who is constantly changing things up in her home. And it works. If I am feeling like I want to hit up Home Goods in a bank-account-decimating-type-way, I will “shop my house” and move the decor around, or reposition the furniture.
    Result: A new look in an old room. Cost: 0 dollars.
  3. Hit the Library – I’m one of those people that go through books like they are candy. I love to read, and while I have my favorite genres, I try to read all types of stories. Let me get heavy for a minute… there’s something about being absorbed into a completely different world that only a book can do. But, at $5 – $20 a pop, that can get pretty expensive. So I either reread a series that I already own or hit up my local library. While the newer, best sellers might not be available (there are usually waiting lists for them) this gives me access to all the classics and other older novels that I might not purchase on my own.
    Result: Getting lost in someone else’s world for a hot minute. Cost: 0 dollars.

How about you guys? What do you do when that urge to spend strikes?

hear what i’m sayin, hubster?


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