List Makers, Unite!

Hello, my name’s Amanda, and I’m a list maker.

(Everybody now: Haiiiiiii, Amanda).

And, I also happen to be a web designer. Therefore, by pure, simple logic, you would think most of my lists would be in electronic format. Negative, Ghost Rider. Let me take you down a scary path of Post-it notes, paper scraps, half-filled notebooks (that I won’t look at for three years, but hell. no. I can’t throw THAT out) and pizza boxes (I got desperate). Currently, I travel with a calendar, a journal and a notebook. All three are filled with previously-mentioned scraps. These floaters consist of a monthly budget (a calendar printout. Within a calendar. I have a problem), meal plans, grocery shopping lists, receipts and my Christmas gift list.

I think when I sang “I’m gettin paper”, the gods of rap misunderstood.

Here’s the thing about the gift list. It’s ever changing. Which means there’s a lot of white out, and cross outs, and mini, illegible notes that I can’t read so I’m not sure if I’m getting Grandma a cardigan or an ostrich. My bud, Amanda, over here at One Good Deed, commented on my original gift-giving post saying she maintains spreadsheets for gifts. Shwaaaaaaaaattttt? So I sent her a message all raised-eyebrow, stroking my mustache and smoothly whispering, I’m intrigued tell me more.

By using a spreadsheet over a printout, you can –

  • Add or delete rows when you have a Eureka-moment or something is sold out (lame)
  • Keep multiple sheets within the same document. So open one gift document and you can see what you got your peeps the previous year. This is really important to me because the bro and I drunkshop, and I don’t always remember.
  • Keep it pretty and color coordinated and CLEAN. Sans scratch outs.

I wanted it. Wantitneeditgottahaveit. However, I like having my lists with me at all times. And if I create a spreadsheet, I would have to have Excel to open and edit it. Then save it. Then email the most recent version to my email. The chances of all of those steps happening, consistently? Zero.

So I thought about the things I use every second of every day (or at least it seems like it). My email. Gmail, specifically. Then I remembered you can create documents within your Gmail account with Google Drive. I created a test spreadsheet and it has the same functionality as Excel, which many of us are familiar with (thank you grade school for your computer classes full of Excel functions and Oregon Trail).


If you’re not on here, I hate you. …..J/K. I’m poor.

But, what happens when I need to pull up my list on my phone? You know, when I’m actually shopping? OH MY GOD THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT. I downloaded the Google Drive app (available for iPhone and Android) and signed into my Gmail and boom. There was my list.



Let’s talk about why this rocks. Cause, uhm, it does.

  • I can edit my spreadsheet from my phone or computer and it instantly updates the main document within Google Drive.
  • There’s no saving and re-sending to make sure you have the latest version. Google auto-saves every few seconds for you.
  • I can keep a record of what I got the previous year. And it’s on hand. No digging through nonsense.
  • There’s one less illegible piece of paper I have to carry around with me. Although, I bet Grandma will be upset when realizes I got her a live animal. Merry, merry.

Before you get all duh-Amanda-your-phone-has-notes, I needed something with more functionality than that. This fit the bill. And, chances are you may already know about this. But, for those of you who don’t… you are probably staring drop-jawed at the computer like I was.  Mind.  Blown.

Let’s make some lists.


6 thoughts on “List Makers, Unite!

  1. 1: I really need to get your ass away from technology when I come home for Xmas

    2: I love you and I’m totally doing this cause I think it will subdue my binge shopping of doubling what I wanted to spend right before Xmas thinking I didnt get enough! Woop you know what I’m doing at work tomorrow

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