25 Days of Why the Hubs Rocks

So, earlier this week I talked about taking the time to appreciate the Christmas season by substituting stress-time for more celebration-time. One of the things I also wanted to do was to let the hubs know how much I appreciate him! Cause, you know, he deals with me. Which means he must come with some seriously redeeming qualities besides his beer-chugging techniques. So I found this idea and made my own version of the 25 Days of Christmas, which I proudly call “25 Reasons You Kick Ass, and Some Other Fun Things” (the title is still a work in progress, but I think that sums it up nicely).


the whole title didn’t fit

Before you get all I-CAN’T-AFFORD-TO-GET-25-GIFTS-UNLESS-YOU-WANT-TO-FUND-IT-LADY, let me explain. Each card is a either a compliment, a service, or a Christmas-themed date. So they are things we can enjoy together, all while keeping in line with my “appreciate the holiday season” plan. Also, the compliments heavily outweigh the monetary-based date nights, so it’s really an inexpensive thing to do.

I got the scrapbook paper from Michaels, and cut them in half to make card-sized… well… cards. I had some clear labels which I used to seal them shut (SO NO PEEKING, TONY) and had other labels for the dates (I used Avery labels because I already had them on hand). I actually color-coded the calendar of each day, so I have it with me and can plan accordingly. Some of the ideas take a little set up, so I didn’t want to be caught off guard the day they rolled around!


Yup. That’s happening.

The orange is for a compliment or something I really appreciate about my husband. The pink is a service (some examples that I was thinking of using were “Tonight, I will make your favorite dinner”, or “I’ll take over your dog duties for the day”. Little things like that. Not expensive, but will help the hubster out). And the blue is a date. As you can see, I kept the dates to the weekends because that’s when our schedules really allow it. I also put the amount it would cost so when I budget, I can easily see what we’re going to be spending. Then away I went making the cards!

photo 3

…. I took the pic and then wrote what I love about him. I didn’t leave blank cards. …..but that would have been funny. o.O


date night example!

I numbered each card with the day the hubs will open it:

photo 4photosomething

Then I sealed them shut and taped them to the fireplace! Which is a bonus because now it looks like I’m already in progress decorating the mantle. BOOM.

photo (2)

photo (1)

So each day in December (until Christmas), he gets to open one! I think this is a great way to do something cute, inexpensive AND show him how much I appreciate everything he does. Plus (hopefully) it will start his day off right!

So what do you guys think? Give me some quirky things you appreciate about your significant other. Their ability to drive you to drink doesn’t count (…because I already used that one). Xo


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