Top Five – The Thankful Edition

  • #1 – Love
    Who doesn’t love love? It has been an autumn of weddings for me and the hubs, and this weekend is the culmination of WEDFEST-TWENNY-TWELVE. It has been an honor (and so, so, SO much fun) to be a part of our friends’ nuptials and celebrations. And as an old married broad, I would like to impart some wisdom on said newlyweds:

New wifeys, I leave you with this:

Newborn hubbys, for you:

  • #2 – Family
    Blood or not, everyone has people that they would do anything for. I am no exception and I am super thankful for my husband (Serious talk. Notice I did not abbreviate), my family, and my friends for putting up with me the way they do. It’s a special person who can toss me over his (or her) shoulder and haul me out of the bar while I kick and scream. {And still talk to me the next day}.
  • #3 – Food
    This explains itself. Nom. Nom. Nom. But really, I am thankful for the deliciousness that dulls my senses of vision and hearing, and fills my mouth so I can’t retort to all the underhanded comments that can come with Thanksgiving. See no evil, hear no evil, speak none back.

  • #4 – Dancing
    This actually ties into #1, but is a direct result of said nuptials. Since the hubs hates to dance, I am thankful for my friends that bear that burden for him. Because I am three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket.

  • #5 – This Blog & You!
    As a relatively new project for me, thank you guys for all the love and support you have shown. Seriously, I couldn’t do it without your comments, likes, shares and promotions. So, for reals. Grazie.

So tell me! What crazy oddball things are you thankful for this year? 😛

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