YOUR HOME: A Smokey Home Re-Do!

I am so excited to share this with you! Recently, (as in, yesterday) I launched a new section of my site titled “Your Home”, where I feature reader projects that rock my (and, hopefully, your) socks. It can be anything from home decoration, organizing tips & tricks, a recipe you have-have-have to share, or an awesome wreath you made out of wine bottles and beer cans (I heard you, girl :)). My wish (big wish) is to eventually have one feature a week. So get on it, peeps! I’ve been to some of your houses. I’ve stared through some of your windows. I know how crafty you all are. You can go here to fill out a project form and submit photos (PS – if the photo sizes are too large, just shoot me an email with them attached to: amanda ::at::

Now for our very first Your Home Reader Project: The Smokey Home Re-Do!

This came from one of my closest friends, Amanda R. (no, I didn’t befriend her because of her name… but it definitely helped) who is a fellow blogger and tequila-drinker (soul mates? I think yes). Make sure you check out her blog, One Good Deed, especially in light of the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy. Did I mention how much this girl rocks? She is the most charitable and altruistic person I know (which is nice… because it balances me out). So without further adieu – here we go!

My husband and I just purchased our first “home” (quotes because we bought a condo four years ago, but people still seem to think that doesn’t count. I say getting approved for a mortgage counts no matter what, but who am I?). When we first saw this house we automatically said no – it reeked of smoke, and was hideous. An older woman lived there and had not maintained the home in years. It was, in no better terms, gross. Our Realtor, who knows us pretty well, and knows we can be creative, insisted we see it again. When we did, we fell in love. “We can get rid of the smell!” and “I would decorate so much better!” were our only thoughts. So we did it. We went to the bank, filled out tons of paperwork, forked over every piece of our savings, and bought our “first” house.

Then came the hard part. As I mentioned before, the house was gross, and I am not one to live in a gross house. I wanted this to be a forever home – we can raise kids here, have big parties, and still go to sleep at night in a comfy space. I wanted it all – and I got it!

A nice before photo to set the mood.

Before Numero Dos!

My main focus was the living room, since it’s the first room people see. As you can tell from the pictures, the room was heavily affected by the smoke (check out that stain on the rug – that my friends, was the spot for her coffee table. Gross, right?)

Our first step was to remove the carpeting from the room. That is when we discovered hardwood floors underneath!


We had them refinished and were so thrilled with the result. There was also a strip of tile from the doorway that HAD to be removed (I am all about the color pink, except on my tiles!)

Here’s my girl, Amanda! Hard at work.

Luckily for us, this was the only room in the entire house (bathrooms included) that did not have wall paper – so after 2 coats of Kilz Primer we were ready to paint. We chose Behr “Silver Screen” to be our main color, and have used it in our living room and dining room – to give it a more formal “Kardashian” feel. Black and white felt a little too stark for my personality, but this color is perfect for me. Then came the big decision – decorating!

loving the contrast of gray and white.

my jaw dropped.

In our condo, I was definitely feeling the minimalist decor.  It was a small space so I liked things to be clean. Now, our living room is probably the size of our old kitchen and living room combined – time to decorate! We purchased our couches from Jordan’s Furniture (at a steal!) and ordered our rug from Our coffee table is actually from Sean’s grandfather’s old house. He passed away in 2010 and when cleaning his house to put it on the market he had INCREDIBLE furniture – that was going to get thrown away. Being planners by nature, Sean and I knew one day we would have a house and that we would need furniture. So we snagged it, and my loving parents stored it for almost 2 years. Did I mention they were loving? 

The bookshelves made the move from condo to house with us, and everything else just fell into place. Not sure if you can see it or not – but there are windows in the room. No, they do not direct outside, they actually go to our sunroom  And since I have no urge to be sitting in my formal living room sipping on champagne watching the boys play Beirut (I HAVE TO STOP THIS RIGHT HERE AND INSERT MY OWN COMMENT – NJ & MA people have this argument all the time. IT’S BEER PONG) in the sunroom, we covered them. My game plan is to remove them, but who knows if that will ever happen!

Why It Rocks:

Because it’s all ours 🙂 We had a lot of family and friends put countless hours into our new home, so there is a ton of love in each room. I am excited to tell my future kids (in 85340953 years) that their grandpa fixed “this”, or that their uncle Dave dug “that.” It kind of gives me the warm fuzzies!

-Amanda R.

I love this because Amanda got to work with a clean slate, carefully choosing each design element. I can’t get over the after pictures. This is one of those photos you see on Pinterest that has 3,489,734 (real number, bro) repins.

Again, because it’s so pretty:

Tell me, tell me. What do you like most about what Amanda did? “Everything” doesn’t count. 😛

4 thoughts on “YOUR HOME: A Smokey Home Re-Do!

  1. I love that Amanda was willing to dig in and do the work. Also, that they have and appreciate the love of and help from friends and family. That and her creativity is what truly makes it a home. A home with heart.
    I also like her minimalist approach-uncluttered and clean. And her choice of colors is very soothing.
    Nice job, Amanda. Thanks for sharing, Lady& the Trash.

    • All we do every day is trash the joint – you’ll fit right in 🙂 We call it unpacking, you can call it whatever you please!

      Thanks for featuring our house! A lot of love definitely went into making it the way it is today – sometimes I am pretty sure my dad thinks it’s his. Oh dads 🙂

  2. I am Amanda’s mom – and when I first saw this house I fell in love. Some may say I was crazy, because of all the work that needed to be done. When buying a house you need to look past the decor and be willing to put some work to make it your own. I told Amanda that so long as the house was the style she wanted and in the right location (which it is!) It is worth the investment. Most people can’t see past the dated wall paper, the notty pine walls, and the smell, but Amanda has learned from me to have an imagination. We put a lot of time and effort into this house. With the help of family and some professionals (friends), we made this house a home. The house is elegant, but warm and inviting. Amanda and her husband had a vision of what they wanted and were able to make it happen.

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