72 Hours of UNO

A quick Wednesday morning organizing post for you!

During the storm, the hubby and I lost power for three days. Not terrible, but definitely not convenient. Fortunately, we have a fireplace to keep the temperature up, and public water (which we couldn’t drink, but at least we could flush and take cold showers. And then stand by said fireplace to warm the hell up.). Long-story, short, we got a little stir crazy. We cleaned up the guest bedroom from one huge war-zone to three distinct crap piles. Then I got overwhelmed and shut the door. But hey, it’s a start. Even my mom was over and was all OMGZICANSEETHEFLOOR.

And we also played UNO. For. Three. Days. We swore we had a deck of regular cards, but due to the lack of light and the guest bedroom officially being condemned, we just couldn’t find them. It got to the point where I couldn’t even tell the difference between the blue and green cards. All downhill from there.

So my thinking was, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a location (easily accessible… not within the jungle that used to be the guest bedroom) to keep our games (excuse me – game. Singular. We don’t even have any board games. WTH is wrong with us?) so we could just grab the one we wanted without having to spend time searching for it? Uhm… yes, yes it would be nice. So I shopped my own house, grabbed a basket that wasn’t being used, some ribbon, a greeting card with a pretty design on the front, and an old pack of CD labels I had lying around. I used a shot glass (since, you know, it was out anyway) and traced a circle out of the card. I cut that little guy out and was going to do the same thing with a section of the CD label, but then I realized: the center of the CD label was a sticker, too! And it was the perfect size. Boom. I threaded it with the ribbon, practiced my third-grade cursive skills (which I haven’t used since then) and made our game bin:

I think we need some more games, brah.

Once we do find the deck of cards, I will add it. We decided we will grab some more card-esque games to fill the basket up as time goes by. And since we were doing so much thinking, we decided to put it in the living room, because that is where we will be playing the games:

Terrible image, I know. But it was dark. And the flash on my phone is so bright it makes things look ghostly. Like my game bin. And me.

So the moral of the story? You don’t need gas, water, food or a generator during a power outage. You need more than one card game.

Wild Card. Red. 5-6-7. Skip. Reverse. UNO. Skip.

And that’s how it’s done.

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