Drink It, Youngblood.

The hub’s birthday is (rapidly) approaching. He already got his gift from me in September…a nice set of pipes for his Harley. I wanted him to have them while the weather was still lukewarm. Nothing like getting a gift you can’t use for 6 months.

VROOM VROOM, bitches.

But I still wanted to do something special to celebrate his birthday. So I thought… let’s just have a small, intimate dinner on the night of his birthday (which lands on a Thursday this year). However, some of the important people couldn’t make it on a weeknight. So I changed it to the following Saturday. But then I was all F-that-I-don’t-want-to-waste-a-Saturday-LET’S-RAGE and invited more people. My small intimate gathering now has legit party status and I am left wondering if I should order a keg.

But before all of the excitement of event-changing and contemplating the moral difference of having strippers vs. straight-up hookers in attendance (KIDDING, GRANDMA), I was really excited to plan this dinner party. I had seen all sorts of cute DIY (drink-it-youngblood, for those not in the know) party ideas on Pinterest. Color schemes, and balloon photo walls, and matching drinks, oh my. So I decided I’m going to do it anyway. It’ll be fun for me, and show that I put more thought into the party than our normal fill-our-tub-with-beer routine. Without giving too much away (cause, you know, I like to pretend the hubs reads this religiously), here is a board I create as inspiration for the big day.

makes ya wanna party, don’t it? DON’T IT? photo creds: color, favors, dessert, sangria, ballooons, burgers.

I am left with the full knowledge that these decorations will be under-appreciated and quite possibly trampled on the way to the mud wrestling pit. (Wait, what?) But Tony will know I put the extra effort into it for him, while we are wading through a floor filled with (color-coordinated) streamers, beer bottles and body parts. And to leave it on a high-note, this is the shirt I will be rocking for the evening:

happy birthday to me… err.. Tony.

What fun parties have you thrown?

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