GET ORGANIZED: A Jewelry & Accessory Station

Heyyyy errrrrrybody. Happy Tuesday! Hope your final days of September were pleasant ones (holy hell, where did it go?). I spent the weekend celebrating the beautiful nuptials of two very great friends and couldn’t have had a better time. But alas, we are back to the grind.

Today I am going to show you how I created a jewelry & accessory station, and how it has helped my half-asleep self look somewhat presentable during the week.

Where I live, it’s still pitch black around 5:30am, which is the time I *try* to get up. Does it happen often? No. But it’s dark until about 6:30, which is around the time I leave for work. This means that somewhere between 5:30 – 6:30 am I am stumbling around my bedroom in the dark, attempting extract my foot from my sweater.

As I look at this image, I realize a few things: 1. I have (on more than one occasion) chased someone – Tony – with a pan. 2. I, too, have claws.

Well, since you asked (or even if you didn’t, I feel you should know), the hubs works super close to the house (seriously, not even a mile away. I can’t talk about it. I get violently jealous.) so I try not to turn on too many lights so he can sleep in. I should get an award. Get at me.

Anyways, I have an affinity for costume jewelry and big chunky pieces. However, my current jewelry situation was causing me to wear the same thing every day, because it would take too long to find something else to match my outfit. Take a look at this monster:


So I took a look around the net and Pinterest for some inspiration and found a few ideas I liked. I had an old shelving unit that was just hanging out in our living room, doing nothing. Some fabric bins were acquired in Target for next to nothing. The frame and necklace bust came from Home Goods. The mirror/rack was originally in our hallway, but since it was so far from the door, no jackets ever actually got hung on it. So I put them all together and got this!

Look, the hubs even gets a drawer or two. But none for Gretchen Weiners. BYE.

I have my necklaces hanging on the mirror and the bust. My bracelets are on a little white plate, which I scoured from my china cabinet. And my rings are kept in an antique glass bowl from my grandma. Obviously, I have no friends, or I would have put a picture in that frame already.

I’m not even remotely British, btw. But, that little bust is adorable. You can’t even argue with me.

Is it aesthetically pleasing? Eh, I’m not super impressed with how it looks, but I’m not quite done with it yet. We’ll get there. So why did I do this? It helps me save time in the morning, because all of my most-frequently-worn jewelry is on display and on hand. It makes it easier to accessorize. Finally, instead of rummaging around in a dark jewelry box, I can use those extra minutes to do my morning yoga.


Just kidding. I sleep.

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