Dance (and Shop) Like No One is Watching.

Sometimes, life is sad. Like find-a-really-cute-outfit-on-Pinterest-and-realize-the-collection-was-from-2010 sad. Le sigh. Like this bad boy right here:

Ain’t she puuurrddddy?

Cute, right? But honestly? As much as I love Banana Republic, their prices tend to be a little on the expensive side.

But, my friends, I am here for you. And me. Mostly me. Here are some affordable alternative options to get you almost the exact same look.

$39 at

$24.99 at

$24.99 at

$22.99 at

$19.94 at

$7.99 (FOR BOTH!) at

The best part about this outfit is that the pieces are great together, but you can also wear them with so many other outfits. Toss that shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and pumps, and head out with the girls. The black pencil skirt is a classic, and can be used for the office as well as date night. Same thing with the cardigan, which can also be worn with jeans and boots on a cool fall day. You can also brighten this look up with a pop of color – get a solid-color belt or pair of heels. Go crazy. Then send me pics.

When buying a specific outfit, it’s important to think about if/how you can use all the components. I have been that person that buys the crazy pair of shoes (seriously – brown and yellow peacock shoes. I have worn them twice. TWICE. Don’t tell the hubs.) that only goes with one certain outfit in my closet. You end up not wearing it often, and it’s a waste of your mula. And if you’re gonna waste your money, waste it on important stuff, like dance lessons.


How about you? Got any awesome outfit-specific shopping secrets I can sell?

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