Meal Plan Madness

Oh, Monday.

Today was one of those days where the first thing I thought when I woke up was that I should bury myself under the covers and try again on Tuesday. One flat tire later, turns out I was right. Hopefully your Monday was off to a better start. Alas, at least I have food shopping to look forward to. Wait, what?

No, really. Food shopping is one of the easiest parts of my week. I can typically get all of my shopping done for the entire week (breakfast, lunch and dinner!) in under 30-45 minutes. How, you ask? Cause I’m sure you asked. You did, didn’t you?

I meal plan every week. I sit my butt on the couch Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, a notebook and HGTV playing in the background, and figure out what I am going to cook for the week, and what I need to do so. I write out my grocery list and our meal plan. This way, I know exactly what I am going to get at the store, which saves me time. I happen to like my time, and try to keep as much to myself as I can. It also helps my wallet because I can get up and look in the kitchen real quick to see what I already have, so I don’t keep getting extra jars of Sriracha sauce, because I know I already have 3 in the pantry. And it eliminates the honey-what’s-for-dinner question and the acid-fueled responses that are sometimes whipped back when it’s been a stressful day, and if it were up to me, Jack Daniels would be what’s for dinner.

Anywho, here is my meal plan for the week of September 10th:

The crock pot meals have already been prepped in advance, so I just have to toss a frozen bag (sans bag) into the crock in the morning. Which means I really only have to shop for/prep the turkey meat sauce and cheesy chicken. Not too shabby on the time-saving front. Doesn’t hurt my wallet, either.

So whatcha think? Do you plan out your meals? How does it help you out during the busy week?

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan Madness

  1. except when you hang with gerth and make lasagna for the group (me) these days its the only satisfying thing i get in my mouth ! ha !

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