The Look for Less: Burgundy and Big-Ass Clutches

I am no stylist. I don’t have an enormous sense of fashion. I mean, I’m not terrible now, but I did have a wrestling-T-shirt-wearing period of my life (really, you don’t want to dance with me? I wonder why?). These days, I like to kick back in a nice pair of jeans and a cute top (you know they made me wear a dress on my wedding day? The audacity of some people). But since I’m in the corporate world 5 days a week, I have jumped into the skirt, dress and slack-wearing pond. And I like it.

Fortunately, I have a select group of friends who keep me in line when it comes to trends, and who are also honest enough to say, girrrrrllllll, maybe you should pick something out of my closet instead. Oh, and I have Pinterest. I see these great creations, color combinations, and new ideas all the time. BUT I CAN’T FREAKING AFFORD THEM.

Yes sir, I would like to spend my non-existent inheritance on that cute dress. Obviously.

Enter The Look for Less (insert fireworks and sparklers here). I haven’t thought of a catchier title. Feel free to send me suggestions. And Skittles.

What I will be doing is posting trends and outfits I find out in the internet-world, and some less expensive options to help you get the look. And lots of snarky comments about prices. I’m not paid in any way to link to or endorse the alternatives or originals, so what you see is what you get. Boom. Legal speak.

From the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere comes a cute outfit that screams autumn.

I’m really into the burgundy skirt and oversized clutch. (Plus the fact that she’s adorable. How happy is this gal?) What I’m not into is the $375 price tag that comes along with the skirt and the $173 that is the clutch. So here are some honey-I-bought-this-bag-now-we-can’t-eat-for-a-month alternatives.

$17.95 at

$69.90 at

$59.90 at

$19.98 at

$26.95 at

If you see an outfit that is so fantabulously awesome it needs to be featured, send it on over! Or if you were inspired online and actually went out and replicated an outfit, I want to see! Let me in on your super secret ninja shopping ways.

2 thoughts on “The Look for Less: Burgundy and Big-Ass Clutches

  1. Girl! I love it! So, here are my thoughts on “trend” shopping – I currently have 3 pink skirts in my closet. Yes, pink is my favorite color, and yes I wear it year round, but to be honest, there may come a time when these cute pink skirts are no longer “in style” and then what will I do with them? Nothing, absolutely nothing. They will collect dust. When buying those skirts I kept that in mind and spent under $15 on each. That way, I can wear them for as long as they are in style, and then once I am done with them the rest of the world will be, too.

    What I am trying to say is – buy the H&M skirt and the dsw bag 🙂 They will last through the fall/winter, and if the style stays until next year you can “invest” and purchase one of the more expensive looks off-season at a discount! Just some of my shop-a-holic tricks of the trade!

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