The Rise of the N00b-Housewife

Super-long story short: I have no idea what I’m doing.

For real.

I am 25 years old, a (relatively) newlywed, a business woman and a homeowner who likes to shop, cook, organize and drink Jack Daniels (not necessarily in that order). I drive my (fantastic) husband crazy on a daily basis with not-so well-thought out plans, and share my home with a lovable and perpetually-excited boxer, Hank the Tank, and a super sassy cat named Maxine.

Oh haiiiiiii

We reside in northern New Jersey. Like wayyyy northern. Like bonfires and chicken-chasing and work-boot-wearing countryside. We have cow-crossing signs. ‘Nuff said.

Recently I found myself scouring blogs and Pinterest and dumpsters to find the best way to do things – cook better/faster/on a budget. Organize my home. Make those around me happier. Make me happier. Decorate. Keep up on fashion trends. You get the gist. This is a blog to show how I am succeeding (or hilariously failing) at doing so. Anddddd I hope to shed some light for other n00b-housewives in same situation.

Also, hi. I’m Amanda.

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